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PD Design, Inc. is a true example of their work. Our business has grown from a consulting company to a multi revenue stream company, adding more services to better service our clients.



PD Design, Inc., has developed a web site content management system that makes updating your web site easy, like working in a word document. The PDD-CMS can be installed on virtually any web site that supports php. We have a few different licensing options for the software that will fit nicely into your budget. Try a demo of the software!

Portable Office Tools
Portable Office Tools
Like many other small businesses, PD Design, Inc., is always on the go. We usually travel to meet with our clients and spend quite a bit of time doing office work in our car and at free wi-fi spots. There are many tools that we use in our regular office that we need to have on hand in our mobile office as well. Our goal is to share the best mobile office tools that serve as our portable office.
Cyber Bullying Prevention

Cyber Bullying Prevention
We give back to the community. PD Design stays on top of technology and we see how useful it can be. However, there also are some darker sides to technology. With the speed of communication and the loss of the human element cyber bullying has become a harming event to our kids.  PD Designs offers free workshops to the local community and also has certified workshops for Illinois teachers offering CPDU credits. The website is a wealth of knowledge on this topic for both parents and teachers.


Managed Web Site and Hosting

Managed Website and Hosting
PD Design has been developing on the web and has been referring clients to different web hosts. PD Design has expanded and now offers managed web hosting to their clients. Taking the stress of the technology away from the client, PD Design managed website and hosting service is an extra value and service to their clients giving them more options and less headache.


Tech Shop For Less

Tech Shop For Less
PD Design has been doing network administration and computer repair for years. In the past when a client needed a part or wanted a recommendation on a piece of technology, PD Design referred the client to other sources. Now PD Design provides electronics and technology directly to you, our client.


Tech Auction ForLlessCreative Coffee

Tech Auctions For Less and Creative Coffee
PD Design is testing out new business models for you.  Do you want to have a web site, sell products and generate some income without dealing with customers and vendors? Do you want to add new revenue streams to your existing site? Then check out how affiliate and referral programs can help your business.


Spiritual Yellow Pages

Spiritual Yellow Pages
PD Design also developed Spiritual Yellow Pages; a directory for spiritual, energetic and holistic-type businesses giving back to help the community.


Stained Glass Lamps For Less

Stained Glass Lamps For Less
PD Design develops e-commerce businesses from the ground up! We've built our own ecommerce stores and we can help you build yours too! Since we have our own stores, we know what works and what doesn't. We pass this experience on to you through our services. We can help you with everything from how to find vendors to designing the website, from setting up the merchant account to dealing with customers. Other consultants may know how to put a shopping cart together, but we can help you through the entire process. 



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